Sunday, May 06, 2001

i am the dumbest person in the world. literally. i scratched my best friend's mom's car. not intentionally. it wasn't a big scratch, but there were words exchanged. NOT by me though, i was too busy bawling my eyes out like a little pansy. whatever, i bet by wednesday it'll be all over because SCHOOL seems to dominate my life these days. it's not the work, i don't really have any work, but for some reason school seems so LONG and NEVERENDING and TIRING. i can't WAIT until summer, when i can do stupid,spazztic things like the above, without any worry. why are there only two days in the weekend anyways? whose bright idea was it that friday shouldn't be a weekend?!?! this weekend was WAY too short in my opinion. i saw the mummy returns on friday. it was sold out. brenden fraiser is good people.